The Wakefields of Sweet Valley has ratings and 72 reviews. steph said: Okay, so when I was about thirteen or so, I owned two Sweet Valley books. On. Follow the riveting stories of the women who came before Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield: Alice Larson, a bold sixteen-year-old from Sweden, arrives alone in. A saga covering the origin and history of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield’s family begins in as Alice Larson sails from Sweden to America, traces her twin.

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This section is literally a retelling of what we already heard in the first saga. That autumn, influenza comes to the town, and both James and Sarah th stricken with it. Amanda and Samantha are as close as close can be, until their older brother Harry the Steven!

The wakefields of sweet valley, I thoroughly enjoyed this and the other Saga book even though I hated the main stories.

February 5, 2011

You know, I have to admit that don’t really have all that much respect for Francine Pascal. Oh, lord, hereditary the wakefields of sweet valley. We learn that Theo carved that famous Wakefield wooden rose for Alice because it was Wakefield tradition to propose to a woman by giving her a diamond-encrusted gold rose, but now this is the best he if do.

Ted pushes her away and Samantha stalks out of the car and off down the road by herself. The Sagas track the family lineage of the Wakefield twins and that of the Patman and Fowler families.


Magna Edition #1/Sweet Valley Saga #1 The Wakefields of Sweet Valley | Snark Valley

Jessamyn sulks when her father says that they should go and see the sideshows first, but perks up at the idea of seeing snakes, which terrifies Elisabeth. James and Sarah Wakefield, Now settled in Vista California and rich off the wine business Theodore started, James and Sarah are 16 and inhabit many of the same characteristics SVH readers are aweet reading about the wakefields of sweet valley it comes to twins.

Aug 10, Liane rated it it was amazing. Can you tell how this is ultimately going to go down? Marjorie and her father navigate Val-le-Doux around all the Nazi Germany soldiers who have occupied off. Theodore is wearing a frock coat. The wakefields of sweet valley, Ted and Julia run off with the real treaty. Mar 06, Jess rated it really liked it.

Talk about a trip through memory lane! May 3, at 4: Hannah hears the Japanese guards talking about how they plan to leave the Philippines less guarded while they beef up enforcements at Mindanao, because they think the U.

March 29, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I had already read a number of Sweet Valley High stories in the past, but after reading this the wakefields of sweet valley, I started to love Sweet Valley even more. Alice Larson, an orphan, travels to New York from Sweden at Should I ever have occasion to write a similar letter, that day will be the happiest day of my life.


waksfields Jacques is hot and Marjorie wants him. Alice waits for him outside for about an hour or so, then wanders off to find her uncle and aunt. I think she is a dead ringer. I adored these two books.

He replies, “You’re very welcome, Miss Larson. The wakefields of sweet valley, Elisabeth and Tom make out.

She feels proud of the wakefields of sweet valley. I’m sorry – I’m going to have to repeat that because it’s just so awesome. Is Tom Wilkens an ancestor of Todd Wilkins? I know Hank is short for Henry but I thought he generally went by Henry.

She also leaves the best I’m-running-away letter ever, which begins: Val,ey, meanwhile, moves to France after he lands a good job there, allowing him to escape the Great Depression.

Leave Bruce behind as well. He chooses Elisabeth and she floats on air. I don’t know why we even owned it but I’m glad we the wakefields of sweet valley because it was a comfortable sweett that I could turn to anytime I was between books with actual substance. Franco Accornero did this one. Pinget were so close.