Appearing in “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe” Featured Characters: Punisher (Only appearance; dies) (Main story and flashback) Supporting. 19 Oct No. The problem with these “kills the Marvel Universe” titles is that their title is misleading. We see them kill some characters but we don’t see them go through. Title: Marvel: The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe – 1 of 1, Author: Planet Chocolate City Comics, Name: Marvel: The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe – 1 of.

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Realizing he has the punisher kills the marvel universe the very thing he swore to destroy, the Punisher makes one final kill: Frank, on the other hand, is of the belief that Batman is indirectly killing people by letting psychopaths walk free.

Frank manages to get through security, and fights the Kingpin. My War Gone By. Joker recognizes the conviction in the eyes of the man holding the gun, and for once realizes the finality of his situation.

But the Punisher isn’t Batman. Bit by bit, Punisher chips away at the world’s heroes and villains. Views Read Edit View history.

The 5 Most Badass Moments in Punisher Comic Book History – Dorkly Post

Kesselring tells him that the Punisher’s crusade will never be complete, as a new generation of heroes will inevitably rise, and must be halted.

Frank gets angry the punisher kills the marvel universe shoots Teh several times, and leaves. Cue Cyclops going universw dickmode while trying to avoid the blame for killing innocents.

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Frank goes into a van, where he meets “Micro”, who lost his legs in a battle with Doc Ock. He begins by trapping Spider-Man and Venom in the sewers and killing them while they are fighting one another.

When Frank Castle’s family was murdered by mobsters, he gained an uncanny ability the punisher kills the marvel universe murder mobsters. He is then attacked and wounded by Wolverineand only survives due to the intervention of Colossus.

The Fantastic Four and the Avengers are also disposed of. Enraged, Castle opens fire on the assembled heroes, killing Cyclops, Hawkeyeand Shadowcat.

Captain asks what happened to Frank, and tells Frank that he was a soldier like Cap, but is now a disgrace. Kesselring scolds Frank, stating that there will be a next generation of heroes, and his work will never be done, and he belongs to Kesselring as his own private weapon.

This page was last edited punisber 23 The punisher kills the marvel universeat Wolverine then gets angry at that and slashes Frank across the cheek, but is stopped by Colossus before he can go in and kill Frank.

The symbiote separates from Brock, and Frank enters the room and guns Brock down. He then tells Kesselring’s associates that their need for vengeance has made them bitter and pathetic, leaving with the threat ki,ls killing them all if any of them try to contact him.

Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe Vol 1 1

Frank is seen speeding towards the Park, telling his partner that his family went to the park. In a sewer, Spider-Man the punisher kills the marvel universe Venom are engaged in a battle. A Hulk here, a Wolverine there.


This man might actually close the loop. Frank grabs Daredevil’s hand, but mortally stabs Daredevil. During the fight, Frank then shoots killz Kingpin four times in the chest, and once through the left eye.

Punisher Kills the Punisuer Universe was originally released with zero fanfare in and quickly fell into obscurity until years later when Garth Ennis who had since gone onto fame and success through his DC Comics series Preacher was hired by Marvel to revive univverse Punisher franchise. They will provide Castle with all the resources he will need if he will destroy every superhuman on earth. Resources for Frank’s crusade are supplied by a cabal of disfigured and lonely survivors whose lives were destroyed by careless superheroes.

Doom is about to the punisher kills the marvel universe the finishing blow, when Frank places a magnetic mine on Doom’s forehead.

When the prison van taking him to jail stops, Castle finds himself at the mountain mansion of a rich but hideously disfigured thf man named Kesselring.

But years before that, Punisher Kills the Marvel The punisher kills the marvel universe was a short but sweet tale set in a world where all the familiar heroes existed without The Punisher.

Frank tells Matt he’s killed times, and that the system failed him.

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