The Koehler method of guard dog training; has 35 ratings and 6 reviews. Aaron said: It’s hard to give this book a scale review as I have strong and mixed. F “Best 1 Dog Book of the Year’ – Dog ttritm Aasocailon o 4 h America m!&i The Koehler Method of GUARD DOG Pmonai md Itomw Prvlerlion Maatochoo** tram . 21 May The Hardcover of the The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The second half is an excellent instruction manual for the first-time or seasoned dog owner on basic training.

The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler (1967, Hardcover, Reprint)

Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. If the dog shows enough responsibility to concern himself with each separate arrival, he is worth a trial if you’ve found that he qualifies in other respects. He can be stimulated to attack under the most regrettable circumstances by a person who may innocently act like an agitator.

Three of the owner-handled dogs from his Field Classes have become Field Champions and many others have won points. From July through this date, Mr.

The Koehler Method of Dog Training, Book Store

They realize that in questions of performance, unlike those of eye-appeal, comparison is generally condusive.

In dg to the thf advantages of on -the- scene apprehension, there is another factor in these times of fast cars and crowded streets. The way to find a good, sensible Toy dog is by contacting good, sensible breeders.

Although the suspicious moves of an agitator can be purposefully related to trespassing, the theft of garden tools, or threats to a person, and can result in a dog clobbering people who “make the wrong moves,” they can never provide the fine discrimination that is based on a sense of responsibility.

Persist until you have seen him move at all speeds: Plan on duplicating some of his schedule and environment for at least the first few weeks he is in your home to give some familiar feeling to his new surroundings. The fact that he is almost never noisy makes him a good choice for a city home. In addition to providing closer orientation with his household, obedience training will increase the dog’s composure, thus making him more aware of what’s right and wrong with his surroundings.

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He is much more difficult to obtain. If he sees quite a bit of what is normal in your environment, he’ll be more certain to detect anything that is not normal. Don’t write him off completely if he saunters outside his area and putters around in a way that demonstrates he is still more concerned with home and fireside than gkard the call of the open road.

I know of several department heads who, in healthy contrast to the above “public servants,” define good public relations in another way. When their procurement program consisted of acquiring the very best prospects from the most favorable sources available, only 9 percent of the trainees completed the program successfully. His writing style is very fluid and the hand-drawn illustrations visually show the correct procedures for his training regimen.

His weight must provide exceptional sturdiness with flashing agility. Jo rated it really liked it Jul 31, Contrast this with the ease with which a policeman, equipped with trxining dog, has controlled a mob among which no individual is ready to volunteer as the dog’s first target. The male will average above 30 inches at the shoulder, and the female several inches less.

Strong, well angulated legs and firm, resilient feet are very desirable in all working dogs; however, evaluation should be made on the dog’s performance, not on his appearance when standing.

Checking Prospects When you have learned of a good prospect, try to make yourfirst visit to his home a surprise so that you can see the dog as he usually acts and discover things which you may not see if special arrangements were made for your visit. They feel that a choice must be made-and it seems such choices must be made with increasing frequency-in favor of giving the fullest Possible public service to the useful citizens who form the quiet majority. Don’t rule him out yet.


Full text of “THE KOEHLER METHOD OF Guard Dog Training”

For generations the fighting breeds featured some families wherein every parent was of proven capability. He becomes a hunter and mfthod of humans who act in certain ways or intrude into certain places.

Nearly always, when one has the breeding and rearing to be free of this fault, he is qualified fora lot of jobs, including that of a man-stopper. However, his loyal supporters prevailed over his detractors, and quite a few of his breed have demonstrated ability as upland hunters, retrievers, and trackers of game and men. If there is anything freakish about the structure of a dog that makes him move in a clumsy or poorly balanced way, he won’t be able to do the job.

Or, with no reward, there is extinction of an undesired behavior. Take time to plan your setup carefully. Beginning on page of the obedience section, you will find methods of dealing with eog things as housebreaking, chewing, and other specific problems.

The standard will provide a convenient checklist for calling attention tofactors you might otherwise overlook. I can barely give it 3 stars.

An effective and authoritative guide for selecting, training and maintaining dogs in home protection and police, security, sentry, and military use, by William R. Records show that dogs have received instruction in this specialized training program. Fie has enough speed and strength to do the job, fits well into a house or car, and is generally very clean.

This book is an excellence text on the principles of learning, doing dlg more for teaching the best of behavioral psychology than Pavlov or Skinner ever did. Racing to the Finish: Instead, learningis caused by supplying experiences that develop the dog’s huntinginstincts and cause him to classify certain humans as “game” to be hunted and fought.