“Chancellor Williams comes to us at a time when his message, if . was this highly advanced Black Civilization so completely destroyed that its people, in our . We have been floating alone, basking blissfully in the sunny heritage of other peoples!” ― Chancellor Williams, The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great. Destruction of Black Civilization has ratings and 69 reviews. Chancellor Williams, the historian, received the first prize for his analysis of Africa, ”The.

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Books like this may have empowered many, because our situation is so dire. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

There is presence of bias, however it’s very informative. I have been having quite a few conversations about how history is taught and why history is taught the way it is. Slavery-how and why did we become their slaves in the first place?

Chancellor Williams Quotes (Author of Destruction of Black Civilization)

Ancient Greeks did not hold the same race views as modern Americans. Chancellor Williams was born in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Jan 28, Patrick Miller added it. View all 8 comments. But do we understand ourselves better? Jun 06, Teresa rated it really liked it. Jun 02, Jesse rated it it was ok. I was convinced that what troubled me and what I wanted to know, was what troubled the black masses and what they wanted to know. Terms such as Asian, White, Black, Semite, Coloured, Negro, and so on are used in ways that are confusing and hard to follow, because while obviously, it was written for 20th Century eyes, definitions have already changed in my lifetime.

He had been a resident of the Washington Center for Aging Services for several years.


The book ends with a plan that inclu It took me a while to get through this wonderfully written work. This book makes you think and ponder and I look forward to finishing it.

With that being said it is still only a comprehensive look at the history of Africa. Why was this wonderful book not given more attention?

Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race From 4500 B.C. To 2000 A.D.

eilliams He is among historians who assert that Ancient Egypt was predominantly a black civilization. Refresh and try again. Williams stated clearly, “As long as we rely on white historians to write Black History for us, we should keep silent about what they produce.

The Holte award for a book on Africa, begun inis given every two years ”for a work of excellence in literature and the humanities relating to the cultural heritage of Africa and the African diaspora. In my opinion it was very thought provoking.

Chancellor Williams

To view it, click here. Great Issues of a Race from B. People condemned books like this because they have something to hide, otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much time trying to discredit truth. Jul 29, Ben rated it really liked it. A little known fact about Dr. It was destuction image of the Black Savage that allowed slavery to exist for as long as it did. Retrieved August 18, Williams is very honest about why he feels this way and even lays out in the second section of this book a plan to help Black people living in the U.

Quotes by Chancellor Williams. His social change ideas are unoriginal, and not hlack comprehensive, yet still somewhat extensive.

He had it published by Chicago ‘s noted Third Civikization Pressa black-owned firm. Dec 28, Matthew Joseph rated it it was amazing. Now we have to go deeper and really start reading. As a work of Afrocentric thought, it poses the socially constructed reality of race as the central problem of black survival in the face of genocide and neo colonialism, both contemporaneously and historically.


I am using this book in my Africa American History class, because African American students blacl realize covilization brilliant and intellectual struct This is a brilliant book. May 25, Brent rated it really liked it. Williams’ innate curiosity about racial inequality and cultural struggles, particularly those of African Americansbegan as early as his fifth-grade year.

Chancellor Williams – Wikipedia

How is it that white folks have everything and we have nothing? One of the worst and most fateful periods of crisis was during the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth dynasties, B.

The information and examples he gives are extensive and calls into question a lot of what has been taught regarding who deserves credit for many of the discoveries and accomplishments of that time.

The issue of race us and them is a modern problem created with the Atlantic slave trade. I dont wanna say too much without spoiling the reading. And someone else mentioned this habit of lumping people of Africa into a slave name–black.

As reborn, it does not refer to the particular color of any particular person, but to the desrruction of pride and devotion to the race whose homeland from times immemorial was called ‘The Land of the Blacks.

If it got you to search for Africa then it has done all it can do, do not let the quest die chancelloe this kind of material.