Smaller and Smaller Circles is a Filipino mystery drama film directed by Raya Martin with a screenplay by Ria Limjap and Moira Lang, based on the novel of the same name by F. H. Batacan. : Smaller and Smaller Circles (Soho Crime) (): F.H. Batacan: Books. 21 Apr When F.H. Batacan first published Smaller and Smaller Circles—now acknowledged as the Philippines’ first crime novel—she was calling for a.

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Smaller and Smaller Circles

Those found outside are dead. Excerpts Emil is running after his slum kids, panting in the noonday sun, loosening the high collar of his shirt as he goes. I think Filipinos reading our local books are not still not totally extinct. The novel is set in the Philippines, in a spot of grinding poverty called Payatas.

That’s certainly an interesting protagonist in the world of crime, don’t you think? The sudden silence among the children is odd.

Quotes from Smaller and Small The social issues raised by its location in a burgeoning, Catholic 21st-century metropolis are explored in subtle detail.

The plot is good and descriptive about the events. Library Journal Review This novel, considered by many to be the first Filipino crime novel, follows two priests as they investigate a series of killings. This article about a mystery novel of the s is f.batacan stub. The book was the first Filipino crime novel.

How important it was to him to have said this, the one thing the could not say all those terrible, silent years. They have been asked by the head of the national police to examine the bodies of several young boys found in one of Manila’s enormous garbage dumps.

It deals with a serial murder that occurs in the slums and the descriptions are so vivid that I could imagine myself trudging through Payatas along with the priest and the children in the midday sun, amidst the heat and the smell, right up to the part where they discover the first body.


He does not repeat the order and returns, face set, to the business at hand. Summary “This harrowing mystery, winner of the Philippine National Book Award, follows two Catholic priests on the hunt for a brutal serial killer in the notorious Payatas dump city of northern Manila.

The mystery plot of this novel is one of the neatest, most amaller mysteries that Fh.batacan read. He turns to the children. One never gets used to this. Crime Mysteries Spiritual Fiction.

What made this a 5 star read is icrcles superb social commentary. Gaping wounds–no, holes–in the chest and stomach. This is an intriguing mystery set in the burroughs of Manila, Philippines.

In the decade that has passed since its publication, others have begun to follow suit, and now the genre is burgeoning. Jan 19, Book Riot Community added it Shelves: Return to Book Page. View all 3 comments. Through the tears that stream from his eyes, he sees that three of the older children have remained. Gus and Jerome, together with their ally reporter Joanna Bonifacio, take matters into their own hands and solve the mystery of the serial killings in Payatas.

And let’s hate and empathize and sympathize and agree to disagree and what not. This book isn’t good just because it’s a Philippine crime novel. I want to read more Filipino books like this. And seeing that this is crime and detective fiction, it can be a drawback.

Smaller and Smaller Circles (film) – Wikipedia

smller I had also never read a murder mystery where Jesuit priests are collaborating with the police to solve a case, which made for an intriguing juxtaposition. Refresh and try again. As it turned out, she had already considered such a story expansion, and immediately got to work on what would become the finished manuscript of the Soho edition.

A crime novel set in the Philippines with two priests acting as detectives is not exactly run of the mill. Instead of bombarding one with strange criminological terms, she instead piles up detail over detail with words vivid enough to conjure the crime scene in the mind.


Overall, again, this smmaller a breakthrough book. The politician who forgoes sleep to help Saenz and Jerome is the anti-stereotype of “lazy money-grubber”. While the mystery is compelling and made me compulsively turn pages, it’s nothing that I haven’t read in a dozen other crime thrillers. In one of the harshest conditions, a very gruesome setting, this tale takes place.

However this same brevity also works against the novel somewhat — there is little room for character development, and sometimes the story is hard to follow once the pace picks up. As the priests work to identify the boys and their killer, they must wade through the political muck surrounding a case that no one wants publicized, in a country where centralized crime statistics are unheard of and resources are scarce.

There are three themes to the story: As the two priests race to halt further murders, they face resistance from other agencies as well as those social forces that are satisfied with the status quo. Batacan writes very well, lifting this novel well above most serial-killer novels that are smalper bookstore shelves as we speak. You wanted to seek your own corner and hide there for eternity. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in.

It is one of the smalelr neighborhoods in a city whose law enforcement is already stretched thin, devoid of forensic resources, and rife with corruption. The deadweight almost breaks the stick in two.