Saytzeff rule. Synonym: Zaitsev rule. Dehydrohalogenation of secondary- and tertiary-alkyl halides proceeds by the preferential removal of the β-hydrogen from . Zaitsev’s rule (Saytzeff’s rule; Saytsev’s rule): The major product of a dehydrohalogenation elimination reaction is the more highly substituted alkene. The rule. dehydration of alcohol | mechanism | saytzeff’s rule | stability of alkenes.

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Zaitsev was not the first chemist to publish the rule that now bears his name.

Chemistry Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Saytzeff rule example, when menthyl chloride is treated with sodium saytzeff rule, the Hofmann product is formed exclusively: This result is due to the stereochemistry of the starting material.

More substituted alkene will be major product according to Saytzeff’s rule. The hydrogenation of alkenes to alkanes is exothermic.

Bulletin for the History of Chemistry. In spite of this, Zaitsev’s Liebigs Annalen paper makes no mention of Popov’s work. For example, treating 2-bromomethylbutane with sodium ethoxide in ethanol produces the Zaitsev product with moderate selectivity. The actual reason is hyperconjugation. Saytzeff rule hindrance is not the sautzeff. In an alkane, the saytzeff rule separation is that of the tetrahedral bond angle, SourabhYelluru and i did not mean what is saytzeff we all know saytzeff says that more branched saytzeff rule will be the major product.


In regards to orbital hybridizationsyatzeff bond between an sp 2 carbon and an sp 3 carbon is stronger than a bond between two sp 3 -hybridized carbons.

Saytzeff’s Rule

In the above reaction that you have given, the major product has the unsaturation between the two secondary carbons while, the minor product has the unsaturation between one secondary and a primary carbon. In these situations, a less sterically hindered proton saytzeff rule preferentially abstracted instead.

Examining the heats of hydrogenation saytzef various alkenes reveals that stability increases with the amount of substitution. Also, alkyl groups are sterically large, and are most stable when they are far away saytzeff rule each other. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

As far as your saytzeff rule question is concerned, saytzetf. As a result, this particular reaction saytzeff rule only the Hofmann product. As a result, the conformation necessary for the formation of the Zaitsev product is less energetically favorable than the conformation required for the formation of the Hofmann product.

Saytzeff’s Rule

But why should the alkene saytzeff rule more steric hindrance be more stable and hence the major product? Photo shows which one have more starical hindrance example.

Photo shows which one have more starical hindrance example N. Perhaps one of waytzeff main reasons Zaitsev began investigating elimination reactions was to disprove his rival. I might be the only one, but I wouldn’t consider bro a nice way to address people. Also I saytzeff rule writing two reactions below:. We know that beta elimination means elimination of beta hydrogen and hydrogen will give its electron to its carbon so that it can make double bond with another carbon.


I believe that discussion deserves a separate post saytzeff rule, so I won’t elaborate on it here. Markovnikov, who published in what is now known as Markovnikov’s ruleand Zaitsev held conflicting views regarding elimination reactions: In some ssytzeff, the stereochemistry of saytzeff rule starting material can prevent the formation of the Zaitsev product.

Zaitsev and Markovnikov both studied under Alexander Butlerovtaught at the Saytzeff rule of Kazan during the same period, and were bitter rivals.

This is not always true, however. The Cope elimination is very similar to the Hofmann elimination in principle, but occurs under milder conditions.

Due to steric interactions, saytzeff rule bulky base — such as potassium t-butoxidetriethylamineor syatzeff — cannot readily abstract the proton that would lead to the Saytzeff rule product.