Rowenta DW Manual Online: Maintenance And Cleaning. IMPORTANT Unplug and allow the iron to fully cool down before maintenance and cleaning. 17 Nov The self-cleaning feature descales the steam ports on a Rowenta iron, and you should use it every two weeks. Products 1 – 32 of 32 Rowenta Iron – IC – 50/ Rowenta Iron User Manual Rowenta Instructions for use ActiPress Pages: See Prices.

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Rowenta DW9080 Manuals

Once you understand the icons, follow this procedure: The heat will evaporate all the excess water steamiym the soleplate. Wait for the heat indicator light to go rowenta steamium manual before using the steam setting. Please enter your email address and we will send you a password Confirm Cancel.

The iron automatically steams when it’s in a horizontal position and stops when you set it upright.

Plug in the iron; set rowenta steamium manual control to maximum steam, and wait for the LED indicator to go off, wteamium indicates the iron has reached the proper temperature. Never use the vertical steam function on an item being worn by anyone.

I want to remove the water from the tank but there is still a little left. rowenta steamium manual

No, you must always unplug the iron before filling it. Some residues could also been present rowenta steamium manual the steam chamber or on the soleplate; use the self cleaning function Depending model. Steam jetting freely from all the apertures in the soleplate indicates the iron is ready for use.

To turn the iron back on, shake it gently until the light goes out. At the end of your ironing session, we would suggest that once your iron has cooled down, you should wipe over the soleplate and around the steam holes to remove any rowenta steamium manual roweenta that may rowenta steamium manual started collecting around the steam holes.



If you want to iron wrinkles out of fabric too rowenta steamium manual for steam, press and hold the spray rowenta steamium manual when the temperature setting in in the single- or double-dot position, and the iron will rowenta steamium manual out a jet of water. A reason for sticking may be the use of starch. The electronic system cuts off the power supply and the auto-stop light flashes if the iron is not moved for more than 8 minutes on its rest or base or is left flat rowemta more than 30 seconds.

Unless it’s unusually hard, plain old tap water is suitable and recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use your appliance.

Hold it over a sink and move the steam control to the self-clean position, which is all the way rowenta steamium manual the end. What is the right temperature for my clothes? If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the rowenta steamium manual yourself and take it to an approved repair centre. Empty the water and remove the valve, holding it by the top. My iron is not heating up.

Instructions for use Find the instructions for use of your Rowenta products. It should be steady and robust so that you can place the ironing appliance on it. Press and release the button quickly to get a single squirt rowenta steamium manual water. For easier, non-corrosive cleaning of your iron’s soleplate, use a damp sponge on the soleplate while it is still rowenta steamium manual.

Remove the protective film from the soleplate; locate the reservoir cover and open it.


Maintenance And Cleaning – Rowenta DW Instructions For Use Manual [Page 8]

On some modelsthe self-clean control is a separate lever on the rowenta steamium manual of the handle. All irons contain a thermostat light. Please contact the rowenta steamium manual centre. Place the iron on its heel and leave to heat up for around tseamium minutes. Some irons depending on model can produce steam when set on the One dot setting, however, the majority of our irons will only produce steam when set on the 2 dot or 3 dot setting.

Frequently Asked Questions Get answers to your questions.

The most recent self-cleaning models are exceptionally easy rowenta steamium manual use and require little maintenance, as long as you use the self-cleaning feature every two weeks, as recommended. The thermostat dial contains international markers with dots corresponding to three ironing temperatures.

Step 1 Fill the Reservoir. Leave the iron to cool down before putting it away and follow rowenta steamium manual 4 tips: It is essential to select the right ironing temperature. Step 3 Dry the Sole Plate. A short time after use, I can hear a metallic sound. The iron produces steam rowenta steamium manual in the triple-dot setting, so you can turn the variable steam lever off when using lower settings. Plug the iron back in; set it on its heel and allow it to heat up.

Step 2 Set the Control to Self-Clean. Where can I buy accessories, consumables or spare parts for my appliance?