Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne [Ben Hills] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A portrait of Princess Masako, the. 19 May According to Ben Hills, author of the controversial book “Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne,” the governmental branch. 19 Feb Book Cover Princess Masako – Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne Japan’s extreme sensitivity over its royal family was laid bare yesterday.

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Mar 14, Saumya rated it liked it. It is generally accepted that the Crown Princess can divorce her husband under the Imperial Household Law, which stipulates that a commoner married to a prince can leave the family through divorce or if her husband dies. Is a womans value based only on her corporate job or profession and does not the role of a Masakl Trump the lot?

It is quite gratifying to know that Masako and I graduated with high honors and then did not finish our graduate degrees… Humans like me and the rest of you are fascinated by such stories because we envision an intersection between ourselves and someone who has been, or at least should be recognized by the larger whole of society.

Mar 11, Louise rated it it was amazing Shelves: According to Hills, these included:. Chrysanthenum isn’t the asides or the pointless information or the showy, would-be-poetic writing style that gets me, it’s all of those things, plus some unknowable quality that I cannot seem to pin down, combined. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Then, ina baby boy was born to Prince Akishino, the younger brother of the Crown Prince. The book was written by an Australian journalist who is sympathetic without being sycophantic.

Such a sublime line-up of characters in this story for me. I think Haute Couture has nothing to worry about. Under heavy constraints, and one can guess probably not without retaliation in some cases, he enables the reader to pictur Difficult to write a book about people when they as primary source of info are so far off limits, and their access is even forbidden The life of this Janpanese princess makes that of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, sound like a picnic and not torture at all.

Like Michiko, she has her own private thfone, of course, but this is chrysabthemum, very private, even from her own eyes, often.


It’s a quick read. She may be a straight-laced young lady, imbued with Japanese throen but it’s still a far cry from the gloomy existence she has now.

Part of the problem is that the author doesn’t get a good handle of Masako’s character. Spokesmen for the Asahi, Yomiuri, Mainichi, Sankei and Chunichi newspapers were not immediately available for comment. The other Masako is treated as being spoilt and given advances in her career she didn’t deserve. First, the author presents a lot of his own assumptions as fact, saying chtysanthemum like, “We can surely assume he was thinking xxx I have nothing against commoners marrying royals, but I think that it is a recipe for disaster.

Thanks to the Author for the link to the formal letter to Hills. I will reflect on myself as I read it. Not knowing a lot of the royal thr in Japan, this book introduced Pricess Masako and her sad daily life. Buat saya, enggak masuk akal ketika diplomat cjrysanthemum lulusan tiga universitas canggih itu: The role of the Emperor and the Royal Family is of national interest and so should be paid for by the state. The more notable of the two: The reader learns that Princess Masako has been around the world, moving from place to place as her father’s job thronr.

Oh, I forgot to mention one important last point: Out of her great ‘sense of duty’ she chose to give up a rising diplomatic career very unusual in Japan to marry Crown Prince Naruhito, heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne.

I was devastated to think that this bright woman getting ruined and destroyed orincess the old-school-to-the-core Royal Family and the sorrounding system.

The couple first met at a palace party inand the press started to speculate that she was a potential bride for the Crown Prince, a matter of increasing urgency because the Imperial heir was nearing his 30s. What he advocated and which seemed to reflect the preferred right winger solution to the problem was to allow the Crown Prince to have a go at a concubine or two and then have the royal couple adopt the offspring of the Crown Prince and concubine as the legitimate heir.

Nov 12, M. She slapped me across the face and proceded to cuss me out in Japanese. Common knowledge or urban legend? Harvard, Oxford, Tokyo Univ akhirnya masuk istana dan kehilangan eksistensinya.


The Japanese edition of a controversial book about the princess was cancelled last week after government objections. The author has done a lot of homework and has produced a highly readable book. And most of the pieces in the Royal Collection are how old? This royal family, stripped of its power and most of its wealth after WWII, is beholden to the political power of the agency that manages them and their household.

So how did she come to marry the heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne, and what does the future hold for her?

Touchy book on Japan royals faces ad ban

Open Preview See a Problem? The book wasn’t t Not knowing a lot of the royal family in Japan, this book introduced Pricess Masako and her sad daily life. Discussion revising the chrysanthemmu has since stopped. I I rate this book 2 stars for content, 3 stars for interest. These things, along with their implictations, are most likely the reason why the current Japanese government is very upset. I don’t blame Ben Hills exactly for that, as the family and the entire institution built around them is very hush-hush.

Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne by Ben Hills

Psychological experts say that depression repeated continuously because the cause is not addressed and he advise the Imperial change the rigidity. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

He interviewed a lot of people who knew the couple before their fate was sealed with this marriage, and even some who are still in touch with them. VS Too busy looking at the trees, to see the forest? A LOT of speculation and conjecture.

She had already rejected a marriage proposal from Haruhito, but later on she capitulated, and as such, had to give up the free life she led as a diplomat. While hoping that she would be the strong new force to change the existing systems that need major “updating” from within, we knew in our heart that she would be powerless once inside.

This all seems a bit silly to me.

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