The microcontroller is Microchip PIC16C· I have read its code and burnt in new microcontroller having same model and number. But when i. PIC PIC® 16C Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 3KB (2K x 12) OTP SPDIP. PIC PIC® 16C Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 3KB (2K x 12) OTP SOIC.

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I am desparate to get my code back. Then etch the chip with various chemicals and ;ic16c57 the code with a rather good microscope. What else can go wrong. There’s no way around that. Sign In or Register to comment.

Then use your programmer to pic6c57 out the code and see if it has the odd issues that I saw in your previous dump. I am having Universal Programmer u. This is basically power PCB.

Maybe this is caused by a code protect bit or just something configured incorrectly when the code read was performed. This is very very expensive with no guarantees of pjc16c57. You can actually render your chip useless if you are not careful with what FUSEs you set.

how to recover code of PIC16C57 — Parallax Forums

I took a look at your code dump and did notice a few things. The same guy runs www. Certain FUSEs, when set, are non reversible. You want to say that it is possible that code is not protected and i am making certain pix16c57 while reading from MCU.

Maybe this is caused by a code protect bit or just something configured incorrectly when the code read was performed Can u kindly explain this to me. You pif16c57 set the CP FUSE when you are ready to deploy your solution, not during development or integration testing which is when you found your problem.


If not, you might want to try an experiment to see if you are using the programmer to read out the code correctly. In addition to duplicating the code, you will probably need to make sure that the FUSE settings match as well.

It supplies some other information instead.

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There might be some error piic16c57 reading code. You can also try programming a chip from this code dump that you just read out. There’s no way to “break” code protection other than what I described. Hopefully you backed up your code and you should be able to just restore your backup and burn a new chip for testing this time don’t set the CP bit. Can u give me some solution.

I will try this and let u know. I have heard some methods in which certain volatges are applied to special pins pic16c577 then code protection is broken.

Any comments abt that. Once the code protect bit is set, it’s impossible to read the program using a chip programmer. If you don’t have the source then you are out of luck. I don’t have any experience with your particular programmer If you are already very experienced with your programmer then you can ignore this paragraph.

There are companies that will take your PIC16C57, remove the plastic over the chip itself using solvents, and read out the contents pic16c7 the pid16c57 EEPROM using an electron beam probe to read the charge stored in each bit cell. I do have some experience at looking at my own SX28 and SX48 object dumps and there are some similariites between those and what I am seeing with your code file with the differences that I noted before.

If it is code protected, you can’t recover the code in any reasonable fashion. LINUX is just fine.


how to recover code of PIC16C57

There’s no “hidden code”. Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions. Can u kindly tell me steps to recover my code.

I’ve heard the only reliable way to hack the protected code is to grind down the chip package until you get to the chip. Program the chip and make sure it works as expected. That method requires special expertise and equipment and is very expensive, but doable commercially. Might be my seetings of software are not correct.

PIC16C57 – Microcontrollers and Processors – Microcontrollers and Processors

You can re-program the chip though with a new program. You can’t “break” code pi16c57 that way. Maybe you’re thinking about how many older chips work with programmers. One can migrate over to that if all else fails.

Hwang Xian Shen, Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. If you try to read protected code using a programmer, the chip doesn’t actually read the flash memory.

To me it almost looks like you are getting the correct value for the pix16c57 nibble of each instruction but not the lower 8-bits. All things considered, I can live and thrive without Microsoft products. If this works after having followed the same steps as you used for reading the other chip then I think it would definitely point to the code protect bit being set and not usage of the programmer.

The weirder thing I noticed is that even in the first half of this dump the first 2k wordsthe odd bytes are always 0x00 so it is doubtful that you have a good read.