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Well, I hate to say it, but I always thought the Ice Planet looked like crap.

This is a pretty comprehensive review. The part that holds the magnet itself can rotate as well, giving leg the opportunity to easily pick up rockets from pretty much any angle.

It’s not the greatest build, I do agree, but like all of the sets of the time, it plays really well. He also gets a shiny looking gold torso. I got this set for Christmas as a child one year, and it was the most amazing thing ever.

It’s quite large, but as you said the base construction is rather simplistic and uninspiring, and the whole area above the 16×32 baseplate is nearly unused. I love the colors Lego used in the series, especially the trans orange. The Ice Planeteers did have some more advanced vehicles for these operations, but of course, you’d have to buy those separately Also, there’s a nifty rack and rack winder combo that will be used in the launching rig.

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I never did figure out what’s up with those Points seals though.

While practicality of this design may be called into question, it undoubtedly gives the base a nice sci-fi feeling. Of course even when your imagination isn’t running wild, you can still spend some time just launching rockets.

A bump of the table, and the structure literally flies off the plate now. If you’re looking for a big challenging build, this is not the set for lefo. If you start like we did above, you’ll find the rocket ends up facing the wrong way in its holder.

LEGO Ice Staton Odyssey Instructions , Space

The diversity also helps in creating scenarios: Other pieces of interest include 10 big white wheels and a bunch of hinge plates. But I wasn’t able to get one. But as a playset, it’s alright. If you start with the rocket the other way around, you’ll have to wait putting on the satellite until the nose cone sticks towards mission control, which somehow made less sense to me.

What are those panels even good for? I hope I’ve at least made some sense in explaining why I dislike this set and line, instead of just saying “this sucks. The rockets are built around a long Technic axle. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Thank you so much for writing this 683. Edited December 23, by JKooL. Nice review of a great set. Granted, you do get a large parts selection, but I still think it might have been just slightly on the steep side.


You can find many examples on Brickshelf of what they can be used for. To me, that equals ugly ugly ugly.

If you get this for the build you’ll be sorely disappointed. The baseplates now are far too soft.

LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (6983)

I have no idea what happened to them, unfortunately! We could never afford the bigger stuff, so thanks for the great review. This will hold the last part of our launch construction.

It was really well done in respect to both the leggo and pictures. As the years went by, TLG just started to give away the memberships and forgo the point promotion. I’ve always wanted this set but never got the luck!