Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Punjabi Poetry SMS. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was a Punjabi Sufi poet from Kashmir (the region that’s adjacent to Jhelum.

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Duddhaan andar kaag nwheeye ant kaaley daa kaalaa. Strange are the ways of the heart!

If you do good to pious men, they never forget it for generations, If you do good to mean people, in return they will injure your feelings. The verses of others are earthenware lamps, candles or as like torches.

Tere ot panah khudaaya hor naheen kujh sujhda, Jis deevey noon aapon baaleyn kad kisey theen bujhdaa. Without knowledge he is like animal.

Kaale ik ik wicharr chaly gorey khat liyeaey, Banho bhaar tiyaar safar da kooch sunehey aaey. Kaam tamaam muyassar hundey naam ohdaa chit dharyaan, Rehmoon sukey saawa kardaa qehron saarey haryaan. Boatman is a soul and the worn out or broken boat i the body — Hud hud chut gaya is qeydoon chhik lagee sarkaari, Shehr saba noon hoyaa rawaanah kar k teyz uddaree.

baknsh Duniyaa naal na gayee kisey dey ur Tur gaey akaley, Oh bhaley jehnaan chhand rakhey is dhoorroon hath paley. Pir Meher Ali Shah. Gold is hidden in the sand like your body. Every one is happy among his own people. English translation by Saeed Ahmed Govt.

Mian Muhammad Baksh | Sufi Poetry

Raising a convict to the level of a friend is your golden generosity. Uddaya bhor asmaaney charrhyaa, aeyos bo bahishtee, Gaya malaah Muhammd Baksha chorr shakatee khahtee. Merciless Ishq is like a ruthless butcher who does not show mercy, It kills by humiliating delicate bodies and feels no worry.

Fazal kareyn tey bakhshey jaawan meyn jeay moonh kaley, Adal kareyn tey thar thar kamban ucheyaan shaanaan waley. Verey dushman moye gayee da assh wasaah na karyey, Sap moey da kandaa chubhey phir bhee dardeen maryey. Torey kuttey ban key wich watan diyaan galyaan, Dar dar bhaweyn dhikey khayey fer pardeson bhalyaan. Only the clear headed nightingale knows the real worth of flowers, The vulture knows not the value of flowers as it eats corpses.


It does not behoove the wise to love this world, This bride is not loyal to anyone, sje married millions of husbands and devoured each and every one. Aasey asey gai jawani fikar peyaa hun eha, Kaalyaan rang wataayaa goraa aaya moat sunhyaa.

Har mushkil de kunji yaaroon mardaan de hath aee, Mard nigaah karan jis wailey, mushkil rahey naa kaee. Do lalam rejoice at the death of your enemy because your muhammmad too have to die, The afternoon sun is soon going to set. Izrail farishta aaya ley ley hukm janaabi, Parrhyaa shah da kalmaa ditee jaan shataabe. O Mohammad Baksh, who will share your grief but friends?

Moti kad miley murr sipaan wanj peyay wich lryaan, Dgyan phalyaan khako ralyaan fer rukheen kad chatyaan.

Zaalim ishq be taras qasaie, reham nahi is away, Nazuk badnaa maar rulaandaa, sehm nahi is away. Pardah poshi kam faqar daa meyn taalib fuqar da, Ayeb kisey dey phol na sakan, har ek theen sharmanawaa.

Qatra wanjh peyaa daryaawey, taan oh koan kahaaway, Jis tey apnaa aap gawaaway aap oho ban jawey. If Allah grants the ailment of love, there is no need for any medication. If you are patient then you will be rewarded, the news came from the Book, Patience opens the locks, Muhammad, from every difficult gate.

The black stone of Badakhshan Afghanistan mines burn in the sun, As a result, many of such stones turn into shining and precious diamonds.

Hud hud chut gaya is qeydoon chhik lagee sarkaari, Shehr saba noon hoyaa rawaanah kar k teyz uddaree. Their lips look parched like the lips of thirsty men but their souls are drenched as if bathed in water.


The verses of some people are like diamonds, pearls and rubies. The true friend is one who shares your sorrows and does not abandon when you are in trouble. Jis chhadee eyh bachey khaan soyo sugharr seyanaa, Eysee ddaien naal Muhammad kaahnoon aqad nabhaanaa. Reeds look like sugarcane but what differentiates them is that they lack the sugary juice as in the sugarcane. Sukhan bhalaa jo dardon bharyaa, bin dardon kujh naheen, Narraan kamadaan farq raho da kiya kaney kiyaa kaeen.

This site uses cookies. O Men of Wisdom! If mother is happy, God is happy, the foremost guide is mother, Thank God you are still happy, and also the honor stands. Pigeons with different colors, black, green or white were all essentially one in the beginning, their colors different afterwords.

No one has ever gained goodness from the proximity closeness of the mean, If you wind grapevine around an kikar acacia tree, every bunch of grapes will be pricked wounded. The hands are trembling terribly, you turned them into a swing, This swing, O naive one, asks you to let go off others belongings.

Be patient and never lose hope. He has angels to work for him, while we are merely humans. Dhondhaan waaley murran na khali, khud hazrat farmanwey, Wekhaan saif malookey walon jo lorey so paway.