Digital Forensics Magazine Article on forgeries in the Sledgehammer and Ergenekon cases. 04 Mart GENEL, IN ENGLISH · DFM In the Digital Forensics. Mahkeme gerekçeli kararında, Ermeni Soykırımı’nın gerek İsviçre’de gerekse genel Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış yasağı olan Perinçek. O bombaları imha kararı veren mahkeme de o bombaları görmedi” iddiasında bulundu. 46’sı tutuklu 86 sanığın yargılandığı Ergenekon davasının bugün . daha önceki gerekçeler ve sanıklarla ilgili sevk maddeleri dikkate.

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This situation puts those people in pain.

N.Ç. davasında utanç kararı: Mahkeme ‘rızası var’ diyerek sanıklara alt sınırdan ceza verdi!

LGBT rights in Turkey. The Council of Ethics for Public Officials lacks the power to enforce its decisions through disciplinary measures.

The government uses economic tools or seizes media outlets to reconfigure the media environment. Wikipedia has been suspended due to its anti-government content. His gerwkceli from the Social Security Administration Turkish: Corruption has deepened, particularly at the local level.

Ergenekon’da sorgulama başladı

Citizens have the effective opportunity to actively propose and take binding decisions on issues of importance to them through popular initiatives and referendums. More importantly, the government regulated some public matters by the state of emergency decree instead of through legislation, as is required by the constitution.

The more complete version in the latter runs pages and also includes a separate 16 page summary.


To what extent do government and administration act on the basis of and in accordance with legal provisions to provide legal certainty? Cases of discrimination are extremely rare. Furthermore, a total of media gereceli were closed down, 1, members of the press were dismissed, and 32 parliamentary access cards and yellow press cards were withdrawn.

Media freedom deteriorated dramatically in the aftermath of the July failed coup attempt. Though the reports were published in the media and online, publicly exposing hidden budget expenditures, housing-procurement abuses and tax compromises. Some municipalities conducted local referendums on traffic management and environmental planning. Local Government Reform, Routledge, Turkey Report Join us on Facebook Share this gerekkceli.

Thus their bodies were never found. According to the amended constitution Articlea parliamentary investigation can be opened against the president if an absolute majority in the parliament votes that the president likely committed a crime.

Savunma Hakki | Hakkını Arama Platformu

Can assented to lending his name as manager of the organization, though he says he did not take part in any of its activities. To what extent are public officeholders prevented from abusing their position for gerekcei interests? Ina total of 1, public civil servants across 26 institutions were provided ethics training.

Existing appeal and oversight mechanisms permit citizens to enforce their right of access. Popular decision-making is also possible at the local level. Existing appeal and oversight mechanisms are often ineffective. The asset-declaration system was established in by Law on Asset Disclosure and Fighting Bribery and Corruption.


Law on municipalities Article 76 enables city councils to implement policies for the benefit of the public. The current legal framework and practice are restrictive and do not meet EU standards. Several TRT channels regularly broadcast pro-government programs, and invite experts allied with the government party to appear on these programs. Access to official information is partially regulated by law, but complicated by bureaucratic procedures and some poorly justified restrictions.

However, these concepts, as well as instruments such as the formation of strategic plans, performance budgets and regulatory impact assessments, are not effectively incorporated into government oversight processes. There are no disincentives to voting.

The Judicial Reform Strategy continues to be implemented.

More than 16, applications were received by the European Court of Human Rights between January and Julyand about 13, cases remain pending.

The relatives of those murdered by unknown perpetrators don’t know whether or not they are dead these last years. If the independent candidate fails to be elected, this fee ergeneoon registered as revenue by the Treasury.