The best means for this is Dhyana. Today, men with new fangled ideas argue how Dhyana is to be done and even why it should be done. But they do not know . Dhyana Vahini. Series: Vahini, Book 3 want to lead a God-centric life, careful reading of this Vahini will help them to reach the goal of life. Dhyana Vahini – Kindle edition by SSSST Publications Division, N. Kasturi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Dhyana Vahini – वेद Veda

On October 20th,He made the historic declaration of His Avatarhood and the world at large learnt of this dhyans phenomenon. If you do so, you cannot enjoy the sweetness of the fruit; besides, the plant itself will not survive.

Whatever is done must be dedicated; not for eking out one’s livelihood, but for earning Atmananda. So too, the order is ‘Do Namasmarana’!

Siddhartha Dyyana Classics Edition. Without the effacement of the mind Jnana cannot dawn. Dedicate all to the Lord; that is genuine contentment. This craving for the consequences leads one to the morass of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ and the demon of lust and greed.

He does not follow the path laid down by the Sastras and by the Manusmrithi. Many-pointedness is the result of Rajoguna, turning the vision of the opened eye on creation and its sights.

Would you like us to take another look at this review? The Vedantic truth must be present in the mind, even while the Vishaya world is being attended to! A Compilation of Sri Ramakrishna Math. People have been born many times before and have lived out their lives; loving and getting immersed in love, and attaching themselves to others.

My writing on it and your reading it will not make it easy. If there is any gap, the fruit that ehyana into the net might escape through it!

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Once the Atma is cultivated, the will and the wish can be sublimated accordingly. An Introduction To Yoga. If this dnyana done, no force can pull him back; he can attain the position which is his due.

A thorn is removed by another thorn xhyana both are thrown out afterwards, is it not? This is why the Atma Sadhana is being treated by me as so important.

Do not worry about formalities dhyama this. Why should the travellers wrangle through the night over useless things, instead of getting ready to leave the caravanserai at dawn, and starting out on the next stage of their pilgrimage? Their pale faces reveal only lack of zest and interest. So man attempts to collect the things he craves for and to enjoy them.

The pathetic condition of every man is due to its absence. Beauty consists in character, not in anything else. Just as a bath in the cool waters of a stream refreshes a traveller exhausted and perspiring in the burning heat of day, the man vahuni from the scorching fire of greed will be refreshed by the pellucid waters of Contentment.

Smashwords – Dhyana Vahini – a book by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. The destruction of the modifications and agitations of the Mind is the condition precedent to getting audience with that Ruler. You’ve successfully reported this review.

That time is better used in meditating on God. Your concern is only to see that you are fully pure when you start the Japam etc.

Through these no happiness and peace of mind can be gained. Later, he attains ripeness and strength. The entire Creation is a delusion of your mind! With riches, articles are acquired; so it follows that the riches are superior to the articles got by dyyana of them, are they not?

Sreyo Karma or liberating karma is so pure, faultless, unselfish and unswerving. Under these conditions man must, like Sri Narayana, accept the good and the auspicious; otherwise, he cannot have nectar and Lakshmi. Hence, the vabini of Dhyana are greater than those secured with great difficulty through Yoga, Yajna or Pranayama. Even if a person through perversity or blind conceit, has so far not cultivated good qualities, he can at least make a try or carry on efforts to secure them!


He does not have an iota of truthfulness in him. They will teach you the Truth. When the baby is unable to walk, the mother encourages it to toddle a few steps at a time at home and then it dhayna allowed to go on the road. Do not crave for the fruit the moment the sapling is planted!

In the Jivanmuktha, vahiini persist, but as fried seeds only. Dhyana Vahini Vahini, no. It easily merges in the One Atma without a second.

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It is, therefore, necessary to train the mind and be always pleasant. All this takes place in the twinkling of an eye, so to say.

They must be trained to proceed in that direction. Man has three stages of spiritual development: By engaging oneself to Dhyana, systematically and calmly Dhyana can be made effective and tranquil. When its basic truth is known, the mind will not be deluded by the Evanescent, the Untrue, and the Unblissful; it will, on the other hand, welcome the blossoming of Joy, Happiness and Truth; it will not be affected by sorrow and grief.

The Lord will come into the memory only in times of danger or acute suffering or when one is the victim of loss or pain. That is to say, a yearning which admits of no other step and which will not tolerate any obstacle.

If the name of a thing is known, the thing itself dhyanna easily be acquired.