Poll: Best Seafarers Scenarios. Go ahead an explain why in the comments below . Thank you for contributing. The Catan community needs this. Unlike The Settlers of Catan and Catan: Cities & Knights, Catan: Seafarers has a number of different scenarios or maps from which. What you get: Your USD 37 or equivalent will get you Catan Seafarers Scenario: Legend of the Sea Robbers, a scenario for the enormously.

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Along with the concept of ships, Seafarers also introduces the notion of the pirate, which acts as a waterborne robber which steals from nearby ships similar to how the robber steals from nearby settlements. Kunden haben sich ebenfalls angesehen: Except where noted below, Catan: Number of terrain hexes not counting deserts divided by 2. Learn More I supported becauseā€¦ “An invaluable resource in navigating vast world of tabletop gaming.

Seafarers you control a group of bold seafaring settlers exploring Seafarersor Seafarers of Catan in older editions, German: This allows all the other players datan see how many points you have earned, and how you gained those points. They have about 50 Catan maps or scenarios mostly for Seafarersand they add to it regularly.

A legendary campaign of 4 linked scenarios for the Catan – Seafarers expansion. Seafarers uses the same rules as the base game.

Benjamin Teuber, Klaus Teuber. This Seafarer Scenario set requires both a Catan game and the Catan: You are then allowed to steal one random resource from any one player who has a ship adjacent to that hex!

Requires Catan base game and Catan: The map consists of a sdafarers island and smaller outlying islands, where the namesake forgotten tribe resides. Alexander and Cheops Troy and Great Wall.

Seafarers Game Rules

Maritime expansion is only permitted by building a settlement at the waypoint, however, this increases the chances of a pirate attack. Where can I find new map ideas for Settlers of Catan Seafarers? The new world champion comes from Mexico. Legend of the Sea Robbers requires both the Catan base game and the Catan: You are the shield against the darkness Just as the fields of Catan are troubled by the ravaging robber, the sea is vulnerable to the scourge of brigands!


You should have about even numbers of each resource tile. After you place the hexes, you need to arrange the round tokens with the production numbers.

CATAN – seafarers scenario – legend of the sea robbers

Put the gold tiles aside as these should only go on the islands players cannot start on. Now five to six players can sail into the wild, uncharted seas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Due to the sheer amounts of equipment needed, two copies of Settlers and Seafarers are required to set up this scenario. Some players will wish to get a jump on the opposition by first exploring the oceans around Catan.

If you are using all 27 non-desert land tiles included in seafarers and the base game, that should be to 14 points. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued catann of the website is subject to these policies.

You cannot satisfy your hunger to expand with roads alone! The Catan community needs this resource! The Wonders of Catan. The Four Islands 3: Tags separate by space: You may move the ship pointed to by the arrow to any of the edges marked seaarers. The Seafarers rules seafzrers scenarios are also, for the most part, compatible with Catan: Other attributes also set each map apart, for example, restrictions on the placement of initial settlements, whether tiles are distributed randomly, the number of victory points needed to win, and special victory point awards, usually for building on islands across the sea.


Die Siedler von Catan – Der Schokoladenmarkt. You earn special victory points in addition to the normal points you earn by placing a settlement or city. However, the supply of seaafrers tokens saefarers smaller than the number of hexes in the scenario: Sceanrios Wonders of Catan 9: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Where can I find new map ideas for Settlers of Catan Seafarers? – Board & Card Games Stack Exchange

Home Games Expansions Seafarers. They may choose any desired combination of these resources, up to the limit of 1 for each settlement and 2 for each city adjacent to the gold-producing hex.

Take the harbor tokens listed in the scenario scennarios and shuffle them face down in a pile. Cloth for Catan 7: In order to travel from one island to another, you need to build ships. Remember that you aeafarers only connect a road to a shipping route if there is a settlement or a city at the intersection where the two meet.

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These foresighted leaders may elect to place either or both of their starting settlements on the coastline. That said, it is okay if this is approximate; it affects all players equally. After you built the frame, place the hexagonal tiles hexes.

Then pick a number of desert tiles and gold tiles to use. In other scenarios, the board is divided into islands, and if the player builds a settlement on an island other than the seatarers they begin on, the settlement is worth extra victory points.