Brahmagupta was an Ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician who lived from AD to AD. He was born in the city of Bhinmal in Northwest India. Brahmagupta, whose father was Jisnugupta, wrote important works on mathematics and astronomy. In particular he wrote Brahmasphutasiddhanta Ⓣ, in The field of mathematics is incomplete without the generous contribution of an Indian mathematician named, Brahmagupta. Besides being a great.

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He also had a profound and direct influence on Islamic and Byzantine astronomy.


List and Biographies of Great Mathematicians. Besides being a great mathematician he was an even brilliant astronomer who wrote several books on these subjects. Brahmagupta became an astronomer of the Brahmapaksha school, one of the four major schools of Indian astronomy during his era. The rift between the mathematicians was created based on their varying ways of applying mathematics to physical world.

Brahmagupta | Indian astronomer |

Most of his works are composed in elliptic verse, a common practice in Indian mathematics at the time, and consequently have something of a poetic ring to them. He lived in Bhillamala modern Bhinmal during the reign of the Chapa dynasty ruler, Vyagrahamukha. Brahmagupta was an orthodox Hindu, and his religious views, particularly the Hindu yuga system of measuring the ages of mankind, influenced his work.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. He later mathematkcian his estimate and proposed a length of days, 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 36 seconds. In Brahmasphutasiddhanta, multiplication was named Gomutrika.


Lalla and Bhattotpala in the 8th and 9th centuries wrote commentaries on the Khanda-khadyaka.

The sum of the cubes is the square of that [sum] Piles of these with identical balls [can also be computed]. The Euclidean algorithm was known to him as the “pulverizer” since it breaks numbers down into ever smaller pieces.

He was among the few thinkers of his era who had realized that the earth was not flat as many believed, but a sphere.

He initially estimated it to be at days, 6 hours, 5 minutes, and 19 seconds which is remarkably close to the actual value of days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and about 45 seconds.

Subtract the colors different from the first color. According to George Sarton, he was a great scientist of his race. The height of a mountain multiplied by a given multiplier is the distance to a city; it is not erased.

Sir Isaac Newton, English physicist and mathematician, who was the culminating figure of the scientific…. Scholars state that he incorporated a great deal of originality to his revision, adding a considerable amount of new material.

Brahmagupta directed a great deal of criticism towards the work of rival astronomers, and his Brahmasphutasiddhanta displays one of the earliest schisms among Indian mathematicians. In addition to being an accomplished astronomer, he was also a much revered mathematician.

Brahmagupta biography

He first describes addition and subtraction. The two square-roots, divided by the additive or the subtractive, are the additive rupas. This information can be translated into the list of sines,,,,,,andwith the radius being Like the algebra of Diophantusthe algebra of Brahmagupta was syncopated.

The next formula apparently deals with the volume of a frustum of a square pyramid, where the “pragmatic” volume is the depth times the square of the mean of the edges of the top and bottom faces, while the “superficial” volume is the depth times their mean area.


He composed his texts in elliptic verse in Sanskrit, as was common practice in Indian mathematics of his time. In his books he dedicated several chapters critiquing mathematical theories and their application. Ahmed; Benham Sadeghi; Robert G. He further gave two equivalent solutions to the general quadratic equation. The square-root of the sum of the two products of the sides and opposite sides of a non-unequal quadrilateral is the diagonal.

The diameter and the square of the radius [each] multiplied by 3 are [respectively] the practical circumference and the area [of a circle]. Al-Khwarizmi also wrote his own version of Sindhinddrawing on Al-Fazari’s version and incorporating Ptolemaic elements. Help us improve this article!

The book is written in arya-meter comprising verses and 24 chapters. The accurate [values] are the square-roots from the squares of those two multiplied by ten.

According to himself, Brahmagupta was born in CE and was the follower of Shaivism. Moreover, in a chapter titled Mathmatician Cresent he criticized the notion that the Moon is farther from the Earth than the Sun which was mentioned in Vedic scripture. He essentially manipulated right triangles to produce isosceles triangles, scalene triangles, rectangles, isosceles trapezoids, isosceles trapezoids with three equal sides, and a scalene cyclic quadrilateral.

A negative or a positive divided by zero has that [zero] as its divisor, or zero divided by a negative or a positive [has that negative or positive as its divisor].

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