The identification number of this standard is “ANSI/EIA” and copies of the standard are available through Global Engineering Documents. You can. Under Royalty Agreement. EIA. STANDARD. ~sWIiII. ANSI/EIA Approved: M.y 19, e ,. I. Ill. -w. Earned Value Management Systems. EIA 3 Nov ANSI EIAA guidelines that are shaded in grey within document are .. earned value management system complies with the ANSI/EIA

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Identify budgeted and actual indirect costs. Reflect in the program budgets, at the appropriate level, the amounts in overhead pools that are planned to be allocated to the program ansi/eai indirect costs.

Identify physical products, milestones, technical performance goals, or other indicators that will be used to measure progress 8.


Reconcile current budgets to prior budgets. Planning and budgeting for projects. Identify unit costs, equivalent units costs, or lot costs when needed. Reconcile program target ajsi/eia goal with budgets and reserves.

Record direct costs in a manner consistent with the budgets in a formal system controlled by the general books of account. Revisions and data maintenance. Accounting ansi/ela material costs.

Identify milestones and goals. Identify the company organization or function responsible for controlling overhead indirect costs. Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting Schedule work sequentially, identifying task dependencies.

ANSI EIA Earned Value, Tracking Earned Value with

The standard defines 32 criteria for full-featured EVM system compliance. Following these criteria, organizations can ansi/eua work accurately, not only in terms of the work itself, but also those responsible for it from an organizational standpointthe nature of its cost, and the time and resources allocated for its completion.

Where the entire control account is not subdivided into work packages, identify the far term effort in larger planning packages for budget and scheduling purposes.

Compare this information with the performance measurement baseline to identify variances at completion important to company management and any applicable customer reporting requirements including statements of funding requirements. Adjustments should be made only for correction of errors, routine accounting adjustments, effects of customer or management directed changes, or to improve the baseline integrity and accuracy of performance measurement data.

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Determine that the sum ansi/ria the work and planning budgets is within the control account budget. The most crucial part is ensuring some degree of financial stability during the turnaround.

Work accounting requirements and practices. This comparison provides the cost variance. Identify organizational control or function for overhead indirect costs.

Establish discrete work packages and their budgets. On government contracts, if an over target baseline is used for performance measurement reporting purposes, prior notification must be provided to the customer. Integration of organizational processes planning, scheduling, budgeting, work authorization and cost accumulation processes. Other features offered by TrackerSuite. Identify the program organizational structure including the major subcontractors responsible for accomplishing ansi/eiw authorized work, and define the organizational elements in which work will be planned and controlled 3.

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want. Establish overhead budgets for each significant organizational component anai/eia the company for expenses which will become anzi/eia costs. The integrated nature of TrackerSuite. You can transform your projects to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want with top performance results based on using our benchmarks and IP.

Define the authorized work elements for the program.

Identify budgeted and applied or actual indirect costs at the level and frequency needed by management for effective control, along with the reasons for any significant variances.

Analysis and report generation. Provide for integration of the program work breakdown structure and the program organizational structure in a manner that permits cost and schedule performance measurement by elements of either or both structures as needed. Net is a trademark of Automation Centre.


Identify and control level of effort activity by time-phased budgets established for this purpose. Prevent unauthorized revisions to budget. Home Products Project Tracker. On a monthly basis, determine differences between planned and actual schedule and cost performances.

Prevent revisions to the program budget except for authorized changes. Defining the nature of the work to be done, as well as the organization that is performing the work. Provide that the sum of all work package budgets plus planning package budgets within a control account equals the control account budget.

Summarize data and variances. By defining work in this manner, variances in planned and actual schedules and costs can more easily be determined, allowing organizations to more accurately measure their performance. Provide that the program target cost goal is reconciled with the sum of all internal program budgets and management reserves.

Identify management reserves and undistributed budget.

When a work breakdown structure is used, summarize direct costs from control accounts into the work 478 structure without allocation of a single control account to two or more work breakdown structure elements. Initial budgets established for performance measurement will be based on either absi/eia management goals or the external customer negotiated target cost including estimates for authorized but undefinitized work. For example, one of the base configuration elements of TrackerSuite.

At least on a monthly basis, generate the following information at the control account and other levels as necessary for management control using actual cost data from, or reconcilable with, the accounting system: Identify significant cost elements and establish budgets for them.

EIA 748-C EVMS Industry Standard Implementation

Revision and Data Maintenance Incorporate authorized changes. Record all indirect costs which will be allocated to the contract. Summarize direct costs into the WBS.