1 Apr Yes you need it only for tatkal not for normal You can download it from the official passport website. Go to home page select annexures. Click annexure E. 26 Jan “Now a tatkal passport applicant needs only her/his Aadhaar number. Along with this, she/he needs to file Annexure E (self-declaration) and. 11 Jul INDIAN PASSPORT ANNEXURES, INDIAN PASSPORT AFFIDAVITS, ANNEXURES FOR INDIAN PASSPORT, AFFIDAVITS FOR INDIAN.

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Please let me know if you figure out. What Details should be Included? Let us know how it goes. Anamika Joshi June 17, Long live your tribe.

Check the website Shubhanka. Shubhanka October 15, I am travelling very soon.

Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B)

A Borrowed Backpack August 29, Hi, Just wanted to share my experience with Normal Passport re-issue. Please update me if anyone of heard about the progress in this fresh tatkla passsport procedure. While making an Annexure F, you will need to include the following details: Lots to rant about, but the main thing I came here to rant was Annexure F. Divya Rai September 5, A Borrowed Backpack March annexure i for tatkal passport, Divya Rai October 16, I tend to miss obvious details.

You can tweet it to MEAquery on Twitter to share your experience. Thank you for the update, Archie.


PSKs are handled by TCS a private company which is why it is such a refreshing change from other govt. I got my passport within 3 days. I have taykal lost annexue day and if I have to apply under the normal scheme now forr my passport will be delivered much later than when I will actually need it. You can apply under the Tatkaal scheme, if you are eligible and have to pay the additional Tatkaal fee of Rs. Or say, while flying to Europe with Cathay Pacific, suppose I hijack the aircraft to my own back-yard?

Divya Rai October 11, Reissuing has different rules. Thank you for the credit! Annexure i for tatkal passport informed Annexure E is required only if documents are not clear.

Request for Document Service. Just opposite to him, there was another officer who was taking great pleasure in berating applicants.

Much appreciation for your pain staking effort Divya. Family members carry pregnant woman on cot to passpirt To verify, just follow the link in annexure i for tatkal passport message. Amrit January 7, But please note, that it has to be printed on the official letterhead of the verifying authority only.

Hi Piyush, Annexure i for tatkal passport is precisely why I have stated that the website tells you that it is optional, while the officials ask for it like their life depends on it.

Vani January 15, We have received your request and we will get back to passpport shortly. When mallya can easily move outside India, it indicates that propose tho stop passport is useless. He told not needed.


How To Make Annexure-F For Passport?

Shubhanka August 29, Thus if it is a reissue and there is no change in addressmost likely they will not ask for it. Please prod when they come for verification, and let is know too. Sundeep Soni December 19, In case you missed, this post is for fresh passport. Annexure i for tatkal passport arranged all those other than AnnextureF for tatkal, but later i learned sorry screamed by PSK official that AnnextureF is mandatory for tatkal.

Getting tatkal passport easier as govt scraps need for Class 1 officer’s nod

Can’t dance to save my annexhre. I also could not arrange for Annexure F but I did have all the other documents. But for tatkal you will need a VC from a high ranking civil, police or military annexure i for tatkal passport who know you personally.

Only old passport copy and marriage certificate copy is enough.