Eternal Youth. The body grows old through negative thinking. Thought by thought the body assumes the vibrational reactions of every discord, every fear, every. Annalee Skarin always published her books royalty free. She encouraged her readers to share her books with others to spread the wonderful message they. Read Annalee Skarin’s the Book of Books for Free. Table of Contents for: The Book of Books by Annalee Skarin. Title Page → · Appendix to the First Printing of .

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All translated beings will eventually experience physical death and resurrection MD, p. Latter-Day Saints were chosen before their coming to this earth for a special mission.

Books by Annalee Skarin

T he visions of eternity are not reserved for Apostles—they are not reserved for the General Authorities. Soon after the establishment of the LDS church several members began to have revelations. Views Read Edit View history. Hilton papers, MsBox 5 Folder 7.

Ye Are Gods

There are eternal truths to be found in her books, which if mastered, will lead to everlasting life in the physical body. It is vital, in the world of physical immortality, to be able to distinguish between the living and the dead.

Special Collections and Archives.

Skarin October 18, in Buffalo, NY. And as the wonderful revealer of the Odes of Solomon wrote in his thirteenth Ode: Ye Are Gods shows that man himself creates every condition on earth, that the eternal source of power is released within man! She encouraged her readers to share her books with others to spread the wonderful message they contain. Immortal wisdom is not the sole province of the immortals – in reality, it is quite to the contrary.


As of Ye Are Gods was in its 18th printing. She refused and was burnt at the stake on May 30, No man, or group can possibly have a monopoly upon God Here people don’t think anything annale whiskey.

Annalee Skarin

Hilton August 11,Hope A. I have paid the highest price possible to truth, membership is His Beloved Church And the time has arrived when mankind will no longer accept teachers who teach only with words Translation is a necessary condition in special instances to further the work of the Lord.

Because he operates on principles of eternal, universal, and never-deviating law, any individual who abides the law that entitles him to get revelation can know exactly and precisely what President Kimball knows, can entertain angels just as well as Joseph Smith entertained them, and can be in tune in full measure with all of the things of the Spirit.

Even though there are no universally accepted criteria for these states, history has played a large role in making the determination. Many may have supposed that the doctrine of translation was a doctrine whereby men were taken immediately into the presence of God, and into an eternal fullness, but this is a mistaken idea.

From many have come beautiful letters – the one from President George Albert Smith was filled with love and sksrin. Annalee Skarin gained fame by fervently believing in the LDS doctrine of physical translation even though the last person to experience it, according to that doctrine, was John the Apostle aka John the Beloved.


Annalee self-published her first book, Ye Annales Godsincorrespondence indicates that this was soon followed by a second volume in I will give another version of this sentiment. Just click a title below to begin reading.

Annalee Skarin – Wikipedia

This love is brought forth through man’s own thinking and “feeling” vibrations and activities. There are many other terms used to describe advanced states: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. As one learns to think only the most beautiful things possible, annalre himself in the joyous vibrating existence of that ever present, glorious Skarih, the realm of the soul, slarin face will be lifted to correspond with this thoughts.

From their own points of view, the least interesting thing in an immortal’s life is their own immortality. Death is the dreary, back-door entrance into the other world.

Annalee is also the true author of Sons of God written under the pen name Christine Mercie. Thought by thought the body assumes the vibrational reactions of every discord, every fear, every dismal, hateful, jealous, sorrowful, self-pitying idea harbored in the mind of man. Petersen to Lynn M. If a teacher, guru, or loved one dies – in particular, one who claims to be immortal – all too often there is an attempt to deny the event. Adopt and advance the Immortal principles which you discover in Annalee Skarin’s books, or from any other source, and annalfe the elements which don’t lead you to greater life.

They are not buried together.