Brivo, Inc. is a company providing cloud-based access control and video surveillance products for physical security and internet of things applications. Brivo takes access control completely into the cloud, with a state-of-the art IP system that eliminates nearly all hardware and lets you manage. ADT Security Services and Brivo Systems today announced the implementation of a web-based access control solution for five federal facilities.

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George Moawad as Country It is just a lot richer experience at the API level and that translates to a richer experience at the user level.

Who knows what other bugs do they brio. Our approach is different. Elevator control English, French and Spanish language support. The key for us was to be able to search by name or address so that when a house switches hands, we can quickly deactivate the entire household.

Just thought I’d mention it. I agree with smith readers are cheap and if you are going to have access control everyone should have a unique ID number whatever if you are going to issue just pin numbers you might as well give everyone the same number. We consider readers and 18, card holders one of our medium systems. California Access Controls Inc Exciting features that are extremely easy to use Exciting features that are extremely easy to use Access Control.


Waiting on a call from my Koorsen rep to get pricing from him and some more details.

We’re going to brivk in our main office, but for remote locations where the customers are I think it will be years. Ill just be honest with you. I’ll look at some of the other other options mentioned in the thread also, I do appreciate everyone’s feedback!

We have 80 locations that we need to manage and are doing so now, but the system is not really designed to work as we want it to. We thought dat it for visitors, you print them an temporary access pass and enter it in the system with an expiration date. Brivo panels are a joke. S Federal Facilities contract for web based access control. Southeast Landon Hunsucker Phone: Kind of scary considering they brigo the control panels.

You’re better off with a more established company that has more rigorous testing process. Van Till said for years Brivo had contemplated developing its own native VMS implementation, but the considerable resources and infrastructure necessary to pull it off was never available. Veracity Time Server Syncs and Wins.

Recommended For You Tim Whall: We’d have to get cards for even the trash pickup guys and such.


Brivo inks large deal with ADT

Are you still looking for Brivo information? If you wish to download it, please recommend brlvo to your friends in any social system. Have you looked into I-ACS? At least some others have used them, I have them sending me a test system now so we can see if this will fit our needs at all.

Brivo – Wikipedia

Latest Quizzes Year-End Quiz: What we do Larotecs Web2M is an off-the shelf, end-to-end, web-based solution designed to manage multiple widely distributed devices. So far ADT has installed the system in 30 sites, some of which were part of an earlier beta test of the product. June 11, Rodney Bosch. Their interface is geared towards office buildings with things like employee ID and we wanted to use it at two communities and we don’t have employees, we have residents and they didn’t want to accommodate us and allow for searching by address or name, only employee ID.

Very high packing density, intelligent networking, It also integrates with video out of the box, no additional licensing. Posted April 19,