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You already have a “request for a quote” item in your cart. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. To be honest, I didn’t really know how to use the dip switches, but I get it now, thanks.

I connected the resistors as shown in the picture below, which should give a HIGH state in the output. Re-enter your account number, zipcode to try again. Add to Wish List. In any case, in your example only inputs A, B and C should come from switches. Sorry, there is an internal server error. Besides tying the common lead of the switches to ground, I would also connect 4. So there is no way to drive any of the inputs low. I’d could really use a little help.

The Workings of an active low input / output Priority Encoder, the 74LS

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The output still remained on a HIGH state, around 4. GE Healthcare Specialty Components. Your account information matches our records.

Cover Tubing Access Light Gray. I then tried using pull up resistors, the use and circuit configuration of which is not entirely clear to me, which I think is the problem. Cover Latch Injection Molded. The warranty period is 90 days for new, refurbished and repaired parts, and 30 days for used parts, starting on the delivery date of the part.


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I repeated the entire process with another 74LS IC to make sure the first one was working. If it has 10 switches, then I 74os148 you mean pin, not pin. Please enter appropriate zipcode. Please Enter Valid Text. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. You have a cart already in session. Service Shop has been migrated to a new platform to provide you with a better customer experience.

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This way it will work for both types of chips. 74ls14, make sure your switches are all off to begin with, and then turn only one on at a time if you do turn on more than one, there is a table in the 74LS datasheet which will indicate what the output should be. I read the question in dyslexic manner.

I’d still add the pull-ups though. Kit Observation Light Knob. Galux Trabakoulas 14 3. This is why the outputs of the encoder are always high — if the switches are 74ls1148, the floating inputs act as high inputs, and when a switch is on it is also driving the input high.

I then tried connecting some inputs, along with their resistors, to the Ground. You already have promotional items in your cart ready to checkout. How would you like to proceed? Each non-GE Healthcare part will be free from defects in material under normal use and service. Please enter appropriate Account ID. Sorry, your details do not match our records. That said, when using a chip like the LS you may want to rearrange the connections as 74le148 below and use pullup resistors to establish the high levels on the inputs to the chip.


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Sign up using Email and Password. Bracket End Fold down Gray. Please try again after some time. Post as a guest Name. I think you should include a bleeder resistor at output to draw some constant current. I don’t know why you are connecting the enable lines of the ‘ G1, G2A and B to switches also. This form will auto-populate account information for registered users.