Withstand Voltage: DC V; Rated Voltage: DC V; Model: 2AJ; Capacitance: uF; Capacitance Tolerance: +/-5%; Lead Spacing: cm / “; Lead. Example 1: green polyester capacitor labeled as 2AJ. – 10 → base value – 4 → number of zeros to add – 2A → V, labeled with a. It is a capacitor code, from the product specs: Product Name: Polyester Film Capacitors Model:2AJ Withstand Voltage: DC V Rated.

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No, its definitely nf. The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery.

How to read Capacitor values?

Also, your phototransistor circuit is relying on similar characteristics of the base-emitter junctions of Q2 and Q3. Looking for Asia Logistic Centre, 2a140j help customer save shipping cost with on time delivery! Green polyester capacitor value reading. Now, I am using 2AJ capacitors big green ones which as I capacktor work fine, but if I replace those C1,C2 with generic ceramic ones it just doesn’t work.

Login with Facebook Login with Google. Customer’s sample is warmly 3 Rapid response to your needs: Metallized polyester film capacitor 2AJ V 0. How does a phase effect pedal work? Being able to quickly read a capacitor value and being able to switch between units is capaciitor essential skill that will help you save a lot of time when building your effect pedals or even your own DIY projects.


Aug 1, 5. This is a frequency switch. Are you a manufactuer or trading company9 A: Filtering circuit after rectified.

The basic capacitor unit is the Farad. Metal shell High voltage Metallized polypropylene film capacitor.

100pcs Mylar Film Capacitor 100V 2A104J 0.1uF 100nF 2A104 5% Polyester Film capacitor

Usual values are 47pF labeled 47pF labeled Smart bes 2AJ V 0. Maybe its that the ceramic capacitor has higher losses than the mylar film type. Can you make sure all of the products consistent9 A: It does mention a few frequency related disadvantages to do with class 2 ceramic capacitors. How exactly does the 2a10j behave when you use a standard ceramic capacitor?

Metallized Film Capacitor j v.

DC v uf Polyester Film 2aj Capacitor Pcs L9p8 B | eBay

Send Message to us: When it gets certain frequency as input it switches something on. Instead, they have a 3 digit coding system. Capacitors 2aj Capacitors Electronics. In the capacitod below you can find the equivalences between the codes and the values.


Aug 1, 6. Similar Threads What is difference between film capacitor and ceramic capacitor? Our sourcing solutions will help you quickly find and cwpacitor the first-hand products that you need at the earliest moment. Hence you can not start it again. When I replace mylar film 2a104k with ceramic ones, LED2 never comes off. Part Number Package Type Quantity are needed if you send mesages to us Send all models you are looking for to us, we can quote all of them.

Electronic Capacitors Metalized Capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are pretty simple to read: Your email address will not be published. I am sure one of the experts will arrive soon and answer your question and more. We are a manufactuer specialized in metalized polypropylene film capacitor and polyesterfilm capacitor since Supplier Types Trade Assurance.

Type II ceramic capacitors aren’t very suitable where stable capacitance is required. Any idea of why is that? Keep reading and learn how to know a capacitor value by its labeling!